Business Checking & Savings

Today, more than ever, it's important to have the best possible team of business professionals working for you. At Forest Park Bank, you have our continuing commitment to be your knowledgeable and reliable resource for all your business needs.

Business Deposit Accounts

Account Minimum Opening Deposit Interest Bearing Maintenance Fee Balance to Avoid Monthly Fee Coins/Currency Deposits Deposit Fees Check Deposits Checks Written ACH Debit Paper Statements
Business Checking *1+ $100 No $17 Monthly n/a2 $1 per $1,000 $0.75 $0.18 $0.18 $0.18 Yes/$3
e-Business Checking + $100 No $15 Monthly Average daily balance $5,000 $1 per $1,000 See Footnote3 See Footnote3 See Footnote3 See Footnote3 Yes/$3
Small Business Checking++ $100 No $12 Monthly Average daily balance $1,000 n/a2 See Footnote3a See Footnote3a See Footnote3a See Footnote3a
Business NOW*4 $100  Yes $12 Monthly n/a2 $1 per $1,000 $0.75 $0.18 $0.18 $0.18
Business Money Market*5
$2,500 Yes $10 Monthly Average daily balance $2,500 $1 per $1,000 5 free; then $0.75 each 10 free; then $0.18 each 6 free; then $10 each None Yes/Free
Business Savings *6 $100  Yes $10 Quarterly Average daily balance $250 n/a2 15 free; then $0.75 each 30 free; then $0.18 each n/a2 None

Not-for Profit Checking $100 No None n/a2 n/a2 None None None None Yes/Free

*1. Business checking accounts will receive an earnings credit that may lower the service charge base. The earnings credit is based on the monthly average collected balance.

*2. Not applicable. Additional fees may be required for special services.

*3. First 100 transactions free in any combinations of Deposits, Check Deposits, Written Checks, or ACH Debits; Then $0.50 each.

*3a. First 100 transactions free in any combinations of Deposits, Check Deposits, Checks Written and ACH Debits; Then $0.25 for each transaction between 101 and 200; $0.75 for each transaction over 200

*4. Business NOW accounts will receive interest based on the average collected balance.

*5. Debits on Business Money Market accounts must be for $500 or more.

*6. Our policy allows us to limit transfers/withdrawals or a combination of transfers/withdrawals from savings and money market accounts to six each month. Limited transfers/withdrawals include the following: check, debit card or a similar order payable to a third party, preauthorized transfers, automatic transfers, and telephone transfers. Unlimited transfers or withdrawals are permitted for transfers to repay loans at the same institution, transfers to another account of the depositor at the same institution and withdrawals, when made by mail, messenger, ATM, in person, or by telephone, provided a check is mailed to the depositor.

+ Includes Online Banking, Online Bill Payments, Online Statements, and Master Money (TM) Business Debit Card.

++ Includes Master Money (TM) Business Debit Card