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Mind your business

Yes, we cover banking for your business, too!

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For your everyday purchases

Don't leave the house without your debit card.

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You name it, We cover it. 

From a new car to quick cash, Personal Loans are here for you!

Dear Customers of Forest Park Bank,

Welcome to the new and improved Forest Park Bank website.  The redesigned website is the first in a series of technology investments the Bank is undertaking to enhance the customer experience.

Through the end of 2024, the Bank will roll out a new and improved mobile and on-line banking application, along with contactless cards, digital wallet, and an improved account opening experience.

Forest Park Bank is a community focused, independently owned institution that seeks to leverage technology to provide both high touch and streamlined service to all our valued customers.

Remember to visit us regularly as we continue to make updates.
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Let's get this business started

Starting up? Let us help! Need some cash for your current venture? We cover that, too!

Our Commercial Lending team is here to help you!

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For you 

Personal Checking

We offer a suite of accounts for your personal checking needs. Checking, Savings, Health Savings Accounts and more. 

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the power of purchase, in your pocket.

Debit Cards

With the MasterMoney Cards®, you carry 24/7 access to your money. Usable at over 12 million locations, worldwide!

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For your health

Health Savings Accounts

Yes, we offer Health Savings Accounts for you and your family! Speak to one of our team members today to get started.